The Recovery of Nature

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The Recovery of Nature

Urgent action is needed from the Government to protect our nature! 

The UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has called on leaders across the world to turn around the decline of wildlife and nature by 2030, and in a few months, world governments will meet and try to settle on a global target to stop the natural world from being ruined.

But worryingly, there is no promise in law to do the same here in the UK and the Environment bill could be our last chance to fix this. Urgent action is needed, but the current wording in the bill fails to reflect the ambitious action we need to protect UK land and waters. By making a change and writing the Recovery of Nature into the bill, it could start to address our nature and climate crisis. 

In 2019, the most recent State of Nature report was published and once again showed how urgent this need for action is. It showed that in the UK alone, almost half of UK wildlife is in decline and around 15% of species are at risk of extinction, including species which were once familiar and iconic such as the hedgehog, the puffin and the water vole. Around the world, one million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction due to human activity including habitat destruction, illegal wildlife trade and global warming

A group of activists, celebrities and 50 conservation charities, including ORCA, have this week called on the Prime Minister to introduce an amendment to the bill which would see the UK Government setting legally binding targets to “reverse the decline of species and habitats by 2030”. The group includes ORCA patron Chris Packham and the Prime Minister’s father, Stanley Johnson and they are working to persuade the government to set an example for other countries by making a legal commitment to tackle the worlds worsening biodiversity crisis. 

We must act now! 

Will you join us? 

Sign the petition and call on the Prime Minister to write the recovery of nature into law (