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Thanks to the support of Tesco Bags of help, ORCA have been producing interactive lessons, activities and question and answer sessions about wonderful whales and dolphins!

The lessons will inspire about the wonderful world of whales and dolphins and will also help children engage with science in a different, more accessible way and encourage them to connect with the natural environment right on their doorstep. Did you know what over a third of the world whale, dolphin and porpoise species can actually be see around the UK?!

Whales, dolphins and porpoises are some of the most intelligent, beautiful and awe-inspiring animals on the plant and ORCA believes that educating future generations about them is key to the protection of these species. Lessons and activities link in with the curriculum and provide students in extra support in the topics of science, maths, geography and English. Subjects covered will include, Ocean Giants, how whales and dolphins feed, how they communicate with each other and what threats they are facing in the world today.

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ORCA Lesson 1 :

An introduction to Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises

ORCA Lesson 2:

How do whales, dolphins and porpoises feed?

ORCA Lesson 3:

Voices of the Deep

ORCA Lesson 4:

Incredible Journeys Part 1

ORCA Lesson 5:

Incredible Journeys Part 2

ORCA Lesson 6:

Incredible Journeys Part 3

ORCA Lesson 7:

Diving into the Deep Part 1

ORCA Lesson 8:

Diving into the Deep Part 2

ORCA Lesson 9:

Ecosystem Engineers Part 1

ORCA Lesson 10: 

Ecosystem Engineers Part 2

ORCA Lessons: 

Origami whale!

ORCA Lesson 11: 

Marine Litter Part 1

ORCA Lesson 12: 

Marine Litter Part 2

ORCA Lesson 13: 

Marine Litter Part 3

ORCA Lessons: 

Fingerprint whale!

ORCA Lesson 14: 

Polar Adaptations Part 1

ORCA Lesson 15: 

Polar Adaptations Part 2

ORCA Lesson 16: 

Polar Adaptations Part 3


Earth LIVE Lesson with ORCA : Take Over Special 

ORCA Lesson 17: 

Identifying Cetaceans Part 1

ORCA Lesson 18: 

Identifying Cetaceans Part 2

ORCA Lesson 19

Mysterious Beaked Whales Part 1

ORCA Lesson 20:

Mysterious Beaked Whales Part 2


Lesson 1 - Introduction to whales, dolphins & porpoises

Lesson 1 answers:

Lesson 2 - How do whales, dolphins & porpoises feed?

Lesson 4 - Incredible Journeys Part 1

Lesson 4 answers:

Lesson 5 - Incredible Journeys Part 2

Lesson 6 - Incredible Journeys Part 3

Lesson 7 - Diving into the Deep Part 1

Lesson 8 - Diving into the Deep Part 2

Lesson 8 answers:

Lesson 9 - Ecosystem Engineers Part 1

Lesson 10 - Ecosystem Engineers Part 2

Lesson 10 answers:

Lesson 11 - Marine Litter Part 1

Lesson 12 - Marine Litter Part 2

Lesson 13 - Marine Litter Part 3

Lesson 14 - Polar Adaptations Part 1

Lesson 14 answers:

Lesson 15 - Polar Adaptations Part 2

Lesson 16 - Polar Adaptations Part 3

Lesson 16 answers:

Lesson 17 - Identifying Cetaceans Part 1

Lesson 18 - Identifying Cetaceans Part 2

Lesson 19 - Mysterious Beaked Whales Part 1 

Lesson 19 answers:

Lesson 20 - Mysterious Beaked Whales Part 2