ORCA Surveyor Network

Welcome to the ORCA Surveyor Network

If you are an ORCA surveyor and member, please log in to find out the latest information on our surveys.  If you are not a surveyor and would like to get involved, you don't need to have scientific background or degree, just lots of enthusiasm and a love for marine wildlife!

Trained surveyors who are active members of ORCA have been invited to join the survey network, if you believe that you meet this criteria please contact us on survey@orcaweb.org.uk to request the link to register.

In order to become an ORCA volunteer Marine Mammal Surveyor all you need to do is:

1) Complete a Marine Mammal Surveyor course

2) Become a member of ORCA

You need to be over 18 years old (or 21 years old for cruise surveys).

If you have any questions about becoming a volunteer surveyor with ORCA, please contact us.

ORCA Ferry Routes

ORCA Cruise Routes

Survey Partners

English Channel 
Portsmouth (UK) - Caen (France) - Portsmouth (UK)
English Channel/ Bay of Biscay 
Plymouth (UK) - Santander (Spain) - Portsmouth (UK)
English Channel/ Celtic Seas 
Plymouth (UK) - Roscoff (France) - Plymouth (UK)
English Channel
Poole (UK) - Cherbourg (France) - Poole (UK)

North Sea                                              Newcastle (UK) - Ijmuiden (Amsterdam) - Newcastle (UK)

English Channel                                        Dover (UK) - Calais (France) - Dover (UK)

Celtic Seas 
Penzance (UK) - St Marys (Isles of Scilly) - Penzance (UK)

Irish Sea 
Heysham (UK) - Douglas (Isle of Man) - Heysham (UK)

North Sea                                            Aberdeen (Scotland) - Kirkwall (Orkney) - Lerwick (Shetland) - Aberdeen (Scotland)

Minches and West Scotland                  Various routes in the Hebrides - to be confirmed shortly

English Channel, North Sea, Irish Sea, Celtic Seas, Minches and West Scotland, Bay of Biscay and Iberian Coast, Arctic Waters, Mediterranean Sea, Wider Atlantic 
Various routes