ORCA works tirelessly to protect whales and dolphins in UK and European waters, but we cannot do do this without financial support.  Unless we understand more about where these magnificent animals live we cannot protect them.

We rely on donations from members of the public to help us carry out our crucial monitoring work to protect whales and dolphins.  If you would like to donate to ORCA, however small an amount, your money will be used to further the conservation  of whales and dolphins.

We use your donations to further many areas of our work. For example,

  • £10 contributes towards learning materials for our educational activities
  • £30 buys one volunteer surveyor a place on our UK survey routes.
  • £100 puts an entire team on a survey
  • £159.00 could help equip our survey teams with scientific binoculars
  • £200 enables us to train up to 100 volunteer surveyors

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