Sightings Map

To view this map full screen please click the link 'view larger map' at the top of the map. You can zoom in by using the scroll on your mouse or using the + and - buttons on the map. Click and drag the map to move it around and see different areas. The arrow on the top left of the map will bring out a legend for you. You can click on each icon on the map to find out the date, time, latitude, longitude, route, vessel, species, and group size seen for that species at that point. 

Over 25 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises have been recorded in UK waters. ORCA are helping to raise awareness of the “forgotton whales and dolphins” within the North East Atlantic.

This is a map of all cetacean (whale, dolphin and porpoise) sightings recorded in the North East Atlantic by our ORCA Marine Mammal surveyors over the last decade. Our volunteer teams operate on board ferries and cruise ships surveying across many routes. The map is interactive so please feel free to have a play. 

If you would like to see what ORCA have seen in a particular sea region please use the links below:

North Sea                                                          Bay of Biscay & Iberian Coast

English Channel                                                Arctic Waters

Celtic Seas                                                         Mediterranean

Irish Sea                                                             Wider Atlantic

Minches & West Scotland