Tragic evidence of the impact of ghost gear on marine life

3rd Aug 2017

ORCA's survey team aboard the recent Saga Pearl II Icelandic Explorer cruise have caught sight of the damaging impact done by ghost fishing gear on the ocean.

A humpback whale fluke with suspected line/scarring on the right hand side.

During the cruise, the team spotted gannets with different types of fishing gear and line attached, as well as a humpback whale with what appeared to be a scar, possibly a scar caused by fishing line.

A gannet with fishing tackle caught on it's foot.

Ghost fishing gear, which is fishing equipment which has been abandoned in the ocean, is a deadly threat and does untold damage to a huge range of species including cetaceans, turtles, birds and sharks.

A juvenile gannet with fishing line on it's wing.

ORCA participate in the Global Ghost Gear initiative and report incidental sightings of any abandoned fishing gear glimpsed during their surveys. To find out more visit our dedicated ghost gear page here.