The State of European Cetaceans Report 2017 release date confirmed

29th Nov 2017

ORCA's 2017 The State of European Cetaceans Report has been confirmed as launch on Tuesday 5th December at 9.00am, with this year's edition promising to build on the seminal work in 2016's edition.

This year's report will be bringing ORCA's dataset up to day with the inclusion of research from 2016, enhancing the picture of whale, dolphin and porpoise populations across UK & European waters.

The 2017 analysis has also included a specific focus on common dolphin populations in the Celtic Sea, Bay of Biscay and English Channel, and some of the insights gleaned from this investigation promises to be an exciting new landmark for ORCA's citizen science.

Finally, the report takes an in depth look at the various threats facing cetaceans in the 21st century, giving a deeper understanding into the dangers these wonderful animals face in the modern world.

You can revisit the 2016 report here to prepare for the launch, with ORCA members receive early access to the report on Tuesday 5th December.