Sky TV interviews ORCA at 2.30pm today

19th Nov 2014

Sky news interviewed ORCA Director Sally Hamilton today to talk about the group of 25-30 Pilot Whales that are being monitored off the east coast of England.  There is concern that the group may strand due to their proximity to the coast.  British Diver's Marine Life Rescue are on standby and efforts are being made to herd the group out to sea.



A surprising and little known fact about Pilot Whales is that they are in fact dolphins not whales!  They were labelled as  a whale due to their large size (3.5-6.5m) in comparison to other dolphin species.  They are often seen on our survey routes, most commonly in the Bay of Biscay where they dive for squid, one of their favoured prey.  

The map below shows a comparison of sightings in the Bay of Biscay between 2013 and 2014.

For more information on Pilot Whales, please visit their profile page.