Schools all over Portsmouth enjoy Marine Festival

12th Feb 2015

Children learn about variety of ocean wildlife on our doorstep

— ITV News Meridian (@itvmeridian) February 11, 2015


Several classes from six schools across Portsmouth have enjoyed learning all about whales and dolphins and other marine life that can be seen in waters around the UK and beyond in a new Marine Wildlife Festival that launched this week in Portsmouth International Port.  

The display has included a range of life-size inflatable marine life including whales, dolphins and porpoises as well as turtles and seals.  Model and real skulls and teeth were also on show along with a 'blubber glove' demonstration!

- Community Wildlife Officer Rachael Forster playing 'spot the difference' between fish and marine mammals!

As well as looking around the exhibition the children also took part in interactive presentation on whales and dolphins.  

Dolphin Science Week

On March 16th we will be running our first Dolphin Science Week for schools in and around Portsmouth.  This will be part of British Science Week which runs from 13th - 22nd March.  If you would liek more ionformation on school visits or our dolphin science workshops, please contact ORCA Community Wildlife Officer Anna Bunney: