ORCA @ The Sunderland Airshow

29th Jul 2015

- ORCA Volunteer Becky Garrity (L) and WIldlife Officer Ruth Coxon (R) interveiwed by BBC Newcastle

This weekend not only marked the start of the first ORCA OceanWatch but also the Big Watch Weekend in the north east as well as the Sunderland Airshow.  ORCA had volunteers out in force on board DFDS King & Princess Seaways for their annual day sailings in the North Sea teaching passenegrs about the whales, dolphins, porpoises and other marine life that can be found there.  Back at the Sunderland Airshow, Becky and Ruth chatted to the crowds about ORCA, wildlife of the North Sea as well as our recent National Lottery Award nomination for the Your Seas project.

They also raised a fantastic  £27.47 in donations so many thanks for all of your hard work Ruth & Becky!

Listen to their radio interview with BBC Newcastle at 01:58:00 onwards.

BBC Newcastle


- Becky the Orca and a DFDS Seaways ship on the horizon