ORCA sights an Orca- twice!

12th Jun 2014

- ORCA sighted at 14.15 on Tuesday 10th June a few hours from Santander

Not one but two Orca sightings were made from the Cap Finistere this week! Read the Blog from Becky and Katy to find out more

Cap Finistere Blog

Brittany Ferries: Portsmouth-Bilbao/Santander sailing across the English Channel/Bay of Biscay

Last week was also special as the 6th June marked the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy during World War 2.  The port has been a buzz of activity including welcoming war veterans for their sailing to Normandy to attend a special memorial service alongside the Queen and President Obama.  The ships have been especially decorated in flags fro their voyage including the Pont-Aven, where Wildlife Officers Ruth and Kerry spent a week.  It was Kerry's last few crossings with ORCA but she had a good send off from lots of Fin Whales!  Best of luck Kerry and thank you for everything!

- Pont-Aven ship decorations

Pont Aven Blog

Brittany Ferries: Portsmouth/Santander/Plymouth/Cork/Roscoff sailing across English Channel/Bay of Biscay/ Irish Sea