ORCA giving whale and dolphin talks around the UK

8th Oct 2014

We would love to tell more people about whales, dolphins and porpoises found in UK waters, as well as informing them about the threats they face and the conservation projects ORCA is working towards to tackle them.

ORCA talks are delivered by our network of incredible volunteers who will be happy to answer questions on the charity and inform them of any other events or fundraising activities that might be coming up. If you join as a member on the day of the talk, you will receive a FREE Whales and Dolphins of the European Atlantic guidebook!

The day would include:

- ORCA Looking out for Whales and Dolphins Powerpoint presentation (duration of the talk would be 45-60 minutes)
- Q & A session

Materials included:

- Clothes, bags and other gifts available to buy
- Membership Information
- Activity sheets for children, information on other ORCA activities
- Feedback cards

Suggested Donations

In order to further support our work as well as the cost of materials, we do ask for a small donation instead of a fee for the talks.  The following is a suggested guideline for donations but it is entirely down to the organisation as to what they would like to give:

- Talks of < 50 people = £50.00
- Talks for 50-100 people = £80.00-£100.00
- Talks for over 100 people = £125.00

If you would like to invite ORCA to give a talk to your company/group/organisation, please contact info@orcaweb.org.uk

f you are an ORCA surveyor or volunteer and would be interested in becoming a speaker for ORCA, please contact catherine.bowley@orcaweb.org.uk