OceanWatch training gets under way

10th Jul 2015

- Lucy and Anna train crews on board the Timor Stream

There are just ten days left until the start of ORCA OceanWatch! ORCA patron Nigel Marven and representatives from all the participating ferry, cruise, cargo and naval organisations will be joining ORCA on Monday 20th July for the launch in Portsmouth International Port, as well as some life-sized inflatable whales and dolphins! 

ORCA staff ahve been busy training bridge crews of NorthLink Ferries, Fyffes and the Royal Navy to identify and record whale, dolphin and porpoise sightings ready for OceanWatch.  This is the first time that they and many other organisations have become actively involved in whale and dolphin conservation and we can't wait to see what sightings data they will record!


- Lucy trains cadets from the Glasgow Squadron of the Royal Navy

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