Nigel Marven and partner representatives join us for OceanWatch launch

21st Jul 2015

- OceanWatch representatives from Carnival UK, Brittany Ferries & The Royal Navy, along with the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth and Nigel Marven

The first ORCA OceanWatch was officially launched yesterday at Portsmouth International Port.  The ORCA team were joined for the morning reception by representatives from Carnival UK (Cunard & P&O Cruises), Brittany Ferries and The Royal Navy.



- Cottage Grove School children create a sea-themed collage!

Students from Cottage Grove Primary School were treated to a fantastic presentation from Nigel that included video clips of his travels around the world, visiting some well known sites for whale watching and even being chased by prehistoric, early whales!



We had a number of life-sized inflatable whales, dolphins and porpoises decorating our display as well as turtles and seals! 


- The ORCA team with Nigel Marven and a huge life-sized inflatable, juvenile blue whale


- Chantelle introduces Cottage Grove school children to whales and dolphins seen around the UK as well as showing whale and dolphin tooth and skull replicas.

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