Minke Whale and Harbour Porpoises sighted in the North Sea

17th May 2013

Summary of Sightings

Species Number Sighted
Minke Whale 1
Harbour Porpoise 16
Common Seal 1

Hi all

As well as myself , Alison "Hawkeye" Lomax , the very active local ORCA coordinator joined the team
This also was the first survey experience for Dee & Roger Bullock proving an excellent opportunity for them to gain experience with the survey protocol. Cain Scrimgeour shadowed the team to gain an understanding of the survey protocol as part of a plan for a future training video
Alison`s expertise proved to be a great asset to our trip .She even saw a Minke Whale from her porthole after shortly leaving the Tyne, as the rest of us waited to go on the bridge to commence our survey. Sea states varied from 2-5. The team were hard working giving their all during the 4 Transects. The most productive was the approaches to Holland yielding 15 Harbour Porpoises & a Common Seal with a large flock of 350 + Little gulls offshore. We had a few hours to wander around a sunny cool Amsterdam and admire the preparations of the Royal abdication.  The return was somewhat quieter in a sea state 5 but we still managed a Harbour porpoise & large flock of Arctic terns

Bird list

24 Fulmar,35 Gannet,1 Cormorant,38 Common Scoter,10 Greater black backed gull,110 Lesser black backed gull,50 Herring gull,100 Black headed gull,140 Kittiwake,16 Sandwich tern,300 Arctic tern,2 Common tern,47 Guillemot,5 Razorbill,5 Puffin ,350+ Little Gull,1 Great skua

I would like to thank DFDS and the whole crew of DFDS Princess Seaways who were genuinely interested in our work and who made us so welcome.

I would also like to thank the superb team of Dee, Alison, Roger, & Cain for their support and hard work during this survey.