Fantastic start to the 2017 ferry survey season

6th Apr 2017

Beautiful beach in Roscoff

Our 2017 ferry survey season commenced last weekend, with ORCA Marine Mammal Surveyor teams setting sail on three routes across the English Channel. Conditions were favourable and cetacean (collective term for whales, dolphins and porpoises) species were seen on each survey, showing just how productive our waters are. 

In total 25 individual animals were seen and these were:

- 13 harbour porpoise on Brittany Ferries Portsmouth-Caen route

- 11 common dolphins on Brittany Ferries Plymouth-Roscoff route

- 1 harbour porpoise on DFDS Dover-Calais route

With such a great start to the surveys we are excited to see what the rest of the year holds.

If you're interested in becoming an ORCA Marine Mammal Surveyor and actively contributing to cetacean conservation, then read more on our Train to be a Marine Mammal Surveyor website page.