Dolphins and harbour porpoise spotted in the North Sea

29th Jun 2016

On 22nd June DFDS once again invited ORCA onboard the Princess. This time it was just me (Clare) spending two days on the ship on a return journey across the North Sea from Newcastle to Amsterdam. I was very excited to hear that the sea conditions would be excellent for the trip which would substantially increase my chances of seeing some the North Sea’s amazing marine mammals.

Upon leaving Newcastle I spent some time in the children’s area with the young passengers creating some amazing pictures of marine life.

Brilliant whale and dolphin drawings from DFDS passengers

I then headed out on deck to try and spot some cetaceans. We spotted some dolphins in the distance, they were very far away but the young passengers got to see the splashing of the travelling dolphins. 

Dolphin watching from deck

As the ship approached Amsterdam we hit a HUGE thunderstorm and unfortunately I could not get out on deck. But I was in luck when we left Amsterdam later that day: the sea was flat calm and the skies has cleared. That evening I saw 4 pods of dolphins and 2 harbour porpoise! One pod of dolphins were jumping in air and luckily I was also joined by many passengers who took turns using the binoculars to see the distant dolphins leaping into the sky.

Perfect conditions for cetacean spotting as the ship left Amsterdam

The flat calm seas had stayed overnight and the sun was also shining in the morning. After just 15 minutes on deck I saw 4 white beaked dolphins right next to the ship. They managed to keep up with the boat and it was even possible to see their beautiful black and white patterning through the water! Many passengers were out on the deck and got to see the beautiful animals!

Passengers watching white beaked dolphins riding the waves of the ships wake

Thank you DFDS seaways for having ORCA back on board the princess.