Coming up on the Your Seas North Sea Calendar

16th Feb 2015

Monday 17th – Newcastle University

Alison Graham invited ORCA to hold a seminar at Stage 1 (capacity of 145 students) for students doing degrees in Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Environmental Biology and Zoology.  


As part of British Science Week, Racahel will also be visiting the DOVE Marine Lab

Tuesday 17th March – DOVE Marine Lab

Whale, Porpoises and Dolphins:  Ecology, Classification and threats with ORCA
DATE: Tuesday, 17th March 2014
LOCATION: Dove Marine Laboratory
TIME: 9:30am to 14:30 pm
AGE GROUP:  Key Stage 2
EVENT DESCRIPTION:  Interactive workshop with ORCA which brings to life current research into these fascinating animals.  Pupils will learn which species are found in the north east of England. They will also discover how we survey populations and discuss the conservation status as a result of human impacts on their environment. 


Wednesday 18th March – DOVE Marine Lab 

Lecture by ORCAs Community Wildlife Officer 
DATE: Wednesday, 18th  March 2014
LOCATION: Dove Marine Laboratory
TIME: 6:30pm to 7:30 pm
AGE GROUP:  Over 12 years old
EVENT DESCRIPTION: Rachael Forster,  ORCA – North East’s Community Wildlife Officer will talk about  ORCAs Your Seas programme, North Sea cetaceans Identification,  data collection and monitoring as well as what is happening on the North East coastline throughout the summer and how to get involved with ORCA. In this lecture the ecology, threats and status of local marine mammals will be discussed.  


If you would like Rachael to give a talk at your school, college, university or company, please email: