Close encounters of the Cuvier’s kind…

24th May 2017

A close view of a mother and calf Cuvier's beaked whale this week on board the Pont-Aven.

As the Wildlife Officer season is well and truely underway, here are some maps to show you what's been seen so far and where!

- Brittany Ferries: Portsmouth - Santander (Spain) - Cork (Ireland) crossing the English Channel, Celtic Sea and Bay of Biscay

Pont-Aven Wildlife Officer Blog


- Brittany Ferries: Portsmouth - Bilbao (Spain) - Portsmouth - Santander (Spain) - Portsmouth - Roscoff (France) - Bilbao crossing the English Channel and Bay of Biscay

Cap Finistere Wildlife Officer Blog

- DFDS Seaways: Newcastle - Amsterdam, crossing the North Sea

King Seaways Wildlife Officer Blog