Breaching fin whale!

18th Apr 2017

ORCA Wildlife Officers managed to capture on camera the incredibly rare sight of a fin whale breaching on Friday (14th April 2017).  

The fin whale is the second largest animal on the planet!  Wildlife Officers and passengers saw the whale breach numerous times, and viewed the spectacle from the decks of the Brittany Ferries' Cap Finistere vessel.

Wildlife Officer Hazel exclaimed: "A fin whale, the second largest animal on the planet, breached out of the water close to the ship - a truly wonderful spectacle to behold! Lots of passengers were out on deck with us to witness this incredible animal's behaviour, including a budding young marine biologist who had never seen a dolphin before, let alone a whale! 
We saw lots of dolphins too, leaving her and the other passengers with huge smiles on their faces as they left the ship. Hopefully they have been inspired to care about these magnificent cetaceans and their conservation!"