Bottlenose dolphin gets named by ORCA supporters

26th Jun 2017

- Bottlenose dolphin (stock photograph)


An online competition has given an official name to a bottlenose dolphin that has made the Portsmouth area it's home.

ORCA called out to our Facebook followers to suggest names for the loveable cetacean, which has been seen near the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Gosport by thousands of members of the public.

After dozens of suggestions, the final winning choice was Nelson, suggested by a number of followers including Sheila Openshaw, Paula Booth and Jilly Whittle.

Not only does the name reference Portsmouth's rich naval heritage, but also has connections to Portsmouth FC and is frequently seen on street names and buildings across the city.

ORCA Wildlife Officers on board the Cap Finistere also caught a glimpse of Nelson on their return to Portsmouth from Santander on Sunday.

Bottlenose dolphins are seen quite commonly in the Solent but it is unusual for one to come quite so close to shore, and usually they travel in groups called "pods".

We'd like to remind everything to make sure to keep a safe distance if you do come across Nelson in Portsmouth waters, and to let us know of any more sightings!