Are you following the latest Wildlife Officer sightings?

13th Apr 2015

- A Striped dolphin reflects beautifully in the water

The Wildlife Officer season which began at the end of March has already seen a variety of marine wildlife sightings including White-beaked dolphins, Common dolphins, Striped dolphins, Cuvier's beaked whales and many more.  Don't forget, you can follow all the latest sightings news from the North East Atlantic and North Sea via their blogs.  Follow the links below to read the latest news from each ship:

Cap Finistere
- Brittany Ferries: Portsmouth - Bilbao/Santander (Spain) crossing the Engligh Channel and Bay of Biscay

- Brittany Ferries: Portsmouth - Santander (Spain) - Plymouth - Cork, crossing the English Channel, Bay of Biscay, Celtic Sea and Irish Sea

King Seaways
- DFDS Seaways: Newcastle - Amsterdam, crossing the North Sea