News archive August 2014

Thanks to everyone who visited us at Birdfair 2014

Congratulations to prize draw winner Janet Wickings!

Minke Whales sighted by North Sea Wildllife Officers

Read the latest update from our newest North Sea trainee Sarah

More Orca sighted in Biscay by the Wildlife Officers!

Read the latest blog from Brittany Ferries' Cap Finistere

ORCA Challenge 2014

Register your fundraising activity for a chance to win some top prizes!

Orca, Humpbacks and many more seen from latest SAGA cruise surveys

Read the reports from the June 22nd- July 7th Arctic cruise and May 13th-19th Coastal cruise

39 White Beaked Dolphins, Minke Whales and more on latest North Sea survey

Read team leader Brian Clasper's report on the 24th July Newcastle-Amsterdam survey

Minke Whales and Porpoises in North Sea Survey

Read team leader Marion Smith's report on the 25th July Newcastle-Amsterdam survey

Record number of cetaceans seen on Scilly survey

Read team leader Cheryl Yarham's report on the 19th July survey