News archive April 2013

Porpoises, Puffins and Seals - news from the North Sea

Read Wildlife Officer Ben's blog on this week's sightings aboard DFDS King Seaways

A possible Pygmy Sperm Whale sighting on the Biscay survey!

John Young reports on Porpoise, Striped Dolphin and Cuviers Beaked Whale sightings from 14th April

New Wildlife Officer blogs!

The first Pilot Whales and more White Beaked Dolphin sightings!

Read about the first Marine Mammal Surveyors of 2013

The first team of 2013 Marine Mammal Surveyors head out to Sea

The Wildlife Officer Season launches with a Big Splash!

Our Wildlife Officers have set off onboard Brittany Ferries and DFDS Seaways for another great season of sightings!