A season of cetacean sightings in the Solent!

16th Oct 2015

- Bottlenose dolphins (photo by Andy Butler)

A pod of seven bottlenose dolphins were seen off St Catherine's Point on the Isle of Wight on Wednesday morning.  Andy Butler, who had attended the ORCA Marine Mammal Identification course in Niton earlier this year, made the sighting and even managed to take some great photos.

There have been numerous reports of bottlenose dolphin sightings in the Solent and English Channel during the summer as well as white-beaked dolphins off the Needles and common dolphins.  Some fantastic footage was taken by Alex Page of dolphins bow-riding as Brittany Ferries' Normandie sailed through the Solent!

Dolphins playing in the bow wave of the #normandie @BrittanyFerries in The Solent on Saturday! Who'd have thought it? pic.twitter.com/pBGNGXR4W6

— Alex Page (@AlexPage) September 20, 2015


ORCA organise regular shorewatches from the Isle of Wight and we need volunteers to help us learn more about cetacean activity in the Solent and the English Channel.  If you are interested in joining in, please email anna.bunney@orcaweb.org.uk.