2017 Survey Roundup!

15th Dec 2017

- The results from ORCA's surveys in 2017.

We have finished collating all the data from our 2017 surveys and what an amazing year it has been!

Here are our survey statistics for 2017:
- An incredible 85 surveys were conducted, our highest number yet. 
- These consisted of 71 ferry surveys across 11 different routes and 14 cruise surveys, involving 10 different shipping partners in total. 
- Our Marine Mammal Surveyors travelled 57,286.42km on effort across 9 sea regions and recorded 28,175 individual animals across 2,797 sightings, including 462 calves. Of these, 13,817 individuals were cetaceans, observed during 2,303 sightings and consisted of an amazing 24 different positively identified cetacean species
- Excitingly we had our first ever recorded sightings of a North Atlantic right whale and rough-toothed dolphin.

All this data is added to our long-term, extensive dataset and utilised to inform cetacean conservation and is all thanks to our volunteer Marine Mammal Surveyors. We would like to thank each and every one of our surveyors for thier continued support, hard work and dedication, without which we would not be able to conduct such vital monitoring work.

Here's to 2018!