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ORCA's Make a Small Change campaign is your chance to make a difference.  See how making just small changes to your behaviour can have a wider impact on the marine environment.  Select your pledges from our list below or make your own personalised pledge.  You will receive your pledge certificate by email.

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This will help keep your local area tidy but litter can also end up in the sea and be mistaken by food by marine wildlife, this can cause damage and sometimes be fatal
If plastic bags get into our seas marine wildlife can think that they are food. Eating them can cause great damage and can sometimes be fatal.
'Spent' helium balloons can land in the sea, marine wildlife might think they are food and try and eat them, which can cause damage or even be fatal
Either on your own, or in a group, visit your local beach and pick up litter, saving it from going into the sea and affecting marine wildlife
By spreading the word to people you know even more people will make a small change to help protect marine wildlife and improve the health of our oceans.
This will prevent using more plastic bottles which don’t biodegrade, as well as save you money!
Many cleaning products state on the back that they are "dangerous to aquatic life with lasting and immediate effects", by changing to an environmentally friendly brands you are helping to reduce the risk to marine wildlife
Waste that doesn’t get recycled ends up in landfill. Landfills are dangerous to all wildlife, and are often placed on coastal areas. When large waves break over these or erode cliffs, landfill can end up in the sea.
These go down the drain and end up in the marine environment where small marine organisms such as fish eat them confusing the plastic for food. Then, larger animals eat the fish and so plastic is in the whole food chain. Remember - plastic never goes away! It stays in the environment forever.
Plastic doesn’t biodegrade so can either end up in landfill or the sea where it may be mistaken as food and cause damage to marine wildlife
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