The Future

Bringing marine conservation into people’s homes

ORCA has been training volunteers from all walks of life to become qualified members of ORCA’s Volunteer Surveyor Teams for over a decade. Our volunteers board ferries and cruise ships throughout European waters to build a vast collection of knowledge about the whales and dolphins they see. Where research was once left to scientists, academics and experts, we’re making conservation accessible, inclusive and rewarding for anyone and everyone. We’re simply bringing science home.

Studying whales and dolphins in the wild

We know that a third of the world’s whale and dolphin species are found in UK and European waters. We also know that the consequences of leaving these animals unprotected will have a huge effect on their global population. And that’s where our volunteer research comes in.

We need to understand where these animals are vulnerable. Using our survey data, we can advise and influence legislation to change the way we behave in these areas. From fishing to shipping, waste management to leisure, humans can adapt to allow these fascinating animals to live safely and happily in our waters.

Sharing our knowledge with the world

Everything ORCA learns from the data collected by our volunteers is presented in the form of regular scientific reports and surveys. These are then shared throughout the global marine conservation community, influencing legislation, industry standards and planning on a worldwide scale. By adding our voices and our knowledge to that of other marine conservation charities and government bodies, we’re constantly bringing ourselves closer to achieving our mission to save whales, dolphins and porpoises across the globe.