Founded in the UK in 1970, Opticron is a family-owned business with over forty years experience in consumer optics. In that time we have met and exceeded the demands of tens of thousands of enthusiasts and occasional users looking for a pair of high quality affordable binoculars, a telescope or an accessory to help them pursue their pastime, hobby or obsession! ORCA have partnered with Opticron for many years and they are the only manufacturer of binoculars we recommend our members and supporters use.

We continue to specialise in delivering the best solution to wildlife enthusiasts irrespective of age, budget or experience. We aim to provide the very best mix of quality, choice and value backed up with customer service worth the name.

Monitoring wildlife for conservation and protection purposes is typically done at a distance and the organisations we support need binoculars and spotting scopes to help with their invaluable work. The volunteer teams that carry out survey work on various ferry routes on behalf of ORCA use Opticron equipment. In addition, passengers on board are able to use binoculars to spot whales, dolphins and porpoises and a proportion of the profit from the sale of any binoculars that are purchased as result goes to ORCA.

To find out more about the fabulous binoculars that Opticron produce, visit the ORCA shop or go to www.opticron.co.uk.