Who we are

We are a charity that has spent the last decade working tirelessly to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises in UK, European and adjoining waters, in a thoroughly innovative and unique way.

Our vision:
Oceans alive with whales and dolphins.

Our mission:
Giving everyone who cares about whales and dolphins an active role to safeguard their future.

What we do

We work to identify and protect critical whale and dolphin habitats in our waters and beyond. Together with governments, research institutions and other conservation charities we help to create safer places for whales and dolphins.

The identification of important whale and dolphin habitats is carried out by ORCA’s Volunteer Marine Mammal Surveyor Teams on board ferries and cruise ships in European waters and beyond. They conduct monthly scientific surveys, recording species, where they are and what they are doing. They run talks for passengers and activities on deck and on land, providing expert knowledge of the astonishing marine wildlife on our doorstep.

By getting members of the public to join our team, we are not just helping to save whales and dolphins – we are also giving people from all walks of life an opportunity to be close to these amazing animals in the wild, while collecting vital information that helps us work towards solving the problems they face.