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9th Jul 2014

Join ORCA and ERIC North East in celebrating all things coastal!

16th Jul 2014

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15th Jul 2014

Read ORCA guide Richard Allcorn's trip report for the 9th-11th July cruise to Santander

News from the Wildlife Officers

News from the Wildlife Officers on Brittany Ferries' Cap Finistere

Well hello yet again to all of our fair readers. So begins our tale of the week of the 9th July 2014 on board the Cap Finistere. Wednesday morning rolled around after two weeks of work on dry land, and I (Chantelle) was full of anticipation to start a new week. The presentation came and […]

Hello and welcome back aboard the Cap Finistere. Fellow Wildlife officer Amy Grisdale was in town and waved us off (from a rollercoaster of all places) as we set off for the Bay of Biscay. With a wonderful low sea state to start are week off we were both eager to see what Biscay had […]

Much like a transient Orca travelling into unfamiliar waters, I (Ella) migrated this week from the Pont Aven to the Cap Finistere to join Orca sister Katy. Much unlike a transient Orca, my goal in doing so was less to kill and eat other marine mammals, but instead to observe the beautiful cetaceans of the […]

This week I manned the Pont Aven alone. This was the final week of the Wildlife Officer season on the Pont and I have had a fantastic time on the stunning ship over the past few months. Throughout the first few days of the week Common and Striped Dolphins surrounded the ship on each crossing […]